Royal Gourock Yacht Club was originally known as Gourock Sailing Club when it was founded in 1894. It had its name changed to the Gourock Yacht Club six years later, and in 1908 King Edward VII was pleased to signify his pleasure that the club be known as Royal Gourock Yacht Club. The club has enjoyed its present location and clubhouse since 1902 when funds were donated for its building by James Coats of the famed thread making family many of whom were keen sailors.

The clubhouse has superb views over the river Clyde and Argyll hills as well as a convenient position just west of Gourock’s centre. The mooring of members and the club’s own boats close to the clubhouse adds to the atmosphere for those enjoying the clubs facilities, or viewing the racing from the terrace. For those on the water the club maintains a launch service throughout the sailing season for taking crews to and from their yachts.

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