RGYC Merchandise

The following items are available from a supplier in Glasgow, embroidered with the club logo, in a variety of sizes and colours.

The full pricelist is available here…

Below we have an online catalogue, the images have links to the supplier’s website where you can view all the colours and sizes available.

To place an order please email rgycmerchandise@hotmail.com with the following information;

1. Full name; garment type; garment code; size and colour; price.

2. Confirm if pick-up preferred from the club or in Glasgow from the club merchandise convenor (contact details required).

3. Payment to be made on receipt of the item by invoice from the club.

Please click on the images below for a full description, size and colour information from the supplier’s website

Men’s full zip Outdoor Fleece;
Order code 8700M
Price – £38.40

Woman’s full zip Outdoor Fleece;
Order code 8700F
Price – £38.40

Unisex 1/4 zip Fleece Jumper;
Order code 8740M
Price – £36

Women’s Outdoor Fleece Gilet;

Order code 8720F

Price – £28

Men’s Outdoor Fleece Gilet;

Order code 8720M

Price – £28

Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt;

Order code J265F

Price – £24

Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt;

Order code J265M

Price – £24

Men’s Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt;

Order code J266M

Price – £24

Women’s Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt;

Order code J266F

Price – £24

Unisex Classic Sweatshirt;

Order code 7620M

Price – £21

Men’s Polo Shirt;

Order code J569M

Price – £19.80

Women’s Polo Shirt;

Order code J569F

Price – £19.80

Women’s Slim T-Shirt;

Order code J155F

Price – £13.20

Men’s Slim T-Shirt;

Order code J155M

Price – £13.20

Men’s Rugby Shirts – Various Styles;

Price – £30

Order code FR01M

Order code FR02M

Order code FR100

Women’s Rugby Shirts – Various Styles;

Price – £30

Order code FR77M  

Order code FR101  

Order code FR78M

Canvas Bags – both styles £14

QD026 – Deck Bag

QD027 – Duffel Bag

Beanie hat Jersey

Price – £14.40

Order Code – BY002

Beanie hat heavyweight knit

Price – £14.40

Order Code – YP012