Coastal Rowing


Coastal Rowing at RGYC

At RGYC we now have two St. Ayles Skiffs that enables us to row on the Clyde.   You can become part of the fun as well.



Coastal Rowing is actually good for you…

Coastal rowing on open water improves your physical health, through a wide range of motion and is based on your own effort, so you can go as hard or as easy as you like. Being on the water means you are getting fresh air in your lungs and soaking up Vitamin D – when we are lucky enough to have a sunny day! 

But rowing on open water also allows you to remove yourself from the world around you, to link to the calm and peacefulness of the water – thus relieving stress. After the events of the last 24 months – we could all do with some stress relief.

Contact us by email:  If you are an adult of any age, interested in Coastal Rowing (either competitively, or just to enjoy the beauty of the Clyde), and you will be given the opportunity to experience one of the fastest growing water sports – come and have a go at Coastal Rowing!



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