Coastal Rowing

Having gained the support of a 50% LEADER Grant funding Royal Gourock Yacht
Club is introducing a Coastal Rowing Section for 2020.  Coastal rowing is one of the fastest growing water-based activities in the world and with its heritage linked to Fair Isle and Viking skiffs, more than 250 St Ayles skiffs have been launched in the last ten years.   Two new St Ayles Skiffs will be an exciting addition to the Club’s offering to existing members, attracting new ones of all ages and fitness levels allowing members to participate in the many coastal rowing meetings at home or around the country.

Further information or details on any aspect of the project may be obtained on request at:

Our first St Ayles skiff is under construction and we have some recent images showing progress when members of the project team visted the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine.




Please continue to visit this page as we will keep it updated to reflect the latest progress.