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2021 Subscription Rates

1 Ordinary Members (Inport) 26 years of age and over (see note A) £434.50
2 Ordinary Members (Midport) 26 years of age and over (see notes A,B & E) £275.00
3 Ordinary Members 25 years of age and under £55.00
4 Ordinary Members (Outport) See notes B & F £38.50
5 Spouses of Members Partners of a member (see note C) £86.35
6 Ordinary Retired Members See note A – Club will confirm rate payable tba
7 House Members Including VAT at 20% £120.00
8 Crew / Social Sailing / Associate Members 26 years of age and over, active more than 3 times per year or moored away from RGYC £150.00
9 Family Members See note G £572.00


A- Inport and Midport Members having attained the age of 65, shall thereafter be liable only to the rate of subscription applicable to them in that year, to a minimum of 65% of the appropriate current rate.

B- Any Member with a boat moored at the club should pay the Inport rate.

C- Category 5 will only apply where one partner is an Ordinary Member – Inport or Midport

D- Inport means residing within a radius of not more than 50 miles of the Clubhouse.

E- Midport means residing outwith a radius of 50 miles but not more than 250 miles of the Clubhouse.

F- Outport means residing outwith a radius of 250 miles of the Clubhouse.

G- Family Membership includes up to two adults and all children of Cadet age.

Notes on completion The Committee of the Club, before considering nominations, require the candidate for membership to be known by, or to have been introduced to, at least one Member of the Committee. This requirement is on occasion waived if the candidate is new to the district and is, or was, a Member of another Yacht Club, and a letter of introduction is enclosed from a Flag Officer or the Secretary of that Club. The scale of subscriptions outlined below is for information only and no payment should be submitted with the application form.

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